If you are interested in supporting future projects, this is your website. Here you will find all of the projects that are currently being developed by IBS for implementation.


INVESTMENT PHASE. We have a revolutionary and innovative business model that is unique from what currently exists in the world of hospitality franchises. A replicable, easy and quick business project to a chain of franchises with a unique product adapted to all consumers. If you are interested in this sector, you cannot afford not to learn about this business opportunity.


IN DEVELOPMENT: Technological development that allows sportmen to find out objective information about their physical condition in an easy and intuitive way, improving their ability to take decisions accordingly.


INVESTMENT PHASE. A new way to get involved in the real estate sector, based on transparency, convenience for the investor, ease of operation, and convenience of making an investment and managing it online. All of this within a legal structure that offers the highest security and provides trust. Always keeping investors informed about the developments and issues that affect their investments in a personalized way. This project will change the way people invest in the real estate sector.


IN DEVELOPMENT. Technology can help to improve our quality of life and provide us with the information that we need, when we need it. At IBS we want to change the way that drivers interact with their vehicles, so in accordance we have designed this device. This is an international project intended to meet a need that exists in most places in the world.


ACTIVE. At Restaura2 we are experts in the management of HORECA establishments. We can help you optimize your establishment to take full advantage and achieve your goals. For that, our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your business to detect which are the main problems and to provide specific solutions to solve them. We all the areas and processes as well as the concept, competition, location and customers that you target so that your business becomes a comprehensive full-controlled unit that substantially increases profitability and quality. Together we make your restaurant a reference in your area. Visit us on www.restaura2.net


TESTING PHASE. DRIVR is an on-demand platform that connects people who want to be driven in their own vehicle with drivers who are willing to perform driving for them. This service is ideal for ceremonies (saves wedding bus services), nights out with your own vehicle, to optimize working time while traveling for people with high workload, to facilitate the movement of people with temporary or permanent inability to drive, collection services or travel to stations and airports, as family support with children and the elderly, and for plenty of other situations!


IN DEVELOPMENT. Center that focuses on providing assistance to al diversity for people with all needs and ages. This project seeks to respond to a social request to support all those individuals and families with special needs, combining diversity and fun as the core philosophy of the center.